With gift cards, every season is a season of returns, exchanges and getting what you really want. Especially if a friend, loved one or family member was sweet and thoughtful enough to gift you a Sephora card. Chances are you know exactly what you can purchase with the said card, to reiterate, Sephora cards can be used at Sephora retail locations or online in exchange for items in their range of cosmetics and beauty products. And they are only redeemable in Sephora stores. If you happen to be clueless on what to do with Sephora gift card or what to buy with Sephora gift cards, we have rounded up these ideas, which definitely will save your Sephora card from lying useless in some corner. Check out 5 ways on how to use Sephora gift card.

5 Ways to Use Your Sephora Gift Card

1. Keep It In Your Phone. If your wallet is to be stuffed, it better not be with gift cards. If you’ve got a smartphone, however, you can declutter the contents of your drawer, wallet, etc., and still move about with your gift card. Carry them in your smartphone. You can spend your Sephora card using mobile wallets, too, which is a lot more convenient than going about with it. Apple Passbook and Google Wallet can do this for you as well.

2. Pay Bills With Your Sephora Card. Instead of allowing your gift card stay idle, or waiting for a ‘good’ time to spend it, there are a couple of bills you could pay with it. Take the money you would have spent on bills and put it in the bank instead.

3. Convert Sephora Card to Naira/ Cedis/ Bitcoin/ USDT. If you are in possession of a Sephora card, but you don’t want to redeem it at the store, then the option of converting it to assets, including digital assets, is your best bet. Hence, It’s possible to exchange Sephora card for cash value. And this way, you can spend the money wherever you like with no restrictions. You may also use it to purchase a digital asset like Bitcoin and USDT. For gift card holders in Nigeria or Ghana, you can sell Sephora card on an Exchange platform like Prestmit. And get paid in naira, cedis, Bitcoin and USDT. All you have to do is download the mobile app, register, trade and get paid.

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4. Donate Your Sephora Card. It does not matter that your Sephora card has a partial balance, a lot of charities will readily accept it. And there are different charity organizations you could donate your gift card to, easily, and online.

5. Use Your Sephora Gift Card as a Gift Item. The option of re-gifting gift cards never gets old. And this is because there are other people who need it more than you do. So, If your card is in good condition, you sure can re-gift it to someone else, who has better ways to put it to use. You may not like to shop at Sephora, but someone else needs new fashion items from Sephora.

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