Bitcoin is the most wanted cryptocurrency by many people today. Those that can’t afford BTC or want to diversify their portfolios always look at the altcoins.

Dogecoin and Tamadoge are among the list of top cryptocurrencies investors/traders can invest/buy. Both coins belong to the group of cryptocurrencies called ‘meme coin’. For this reason, they have several things in common. These meme coins have their differences because crypto assets always have their unique features.

In this post, we’ll look at both Dogecoin and Tamadoge’s features and why investors want them. Dogecoin or Tamadoge? The world of cryptocurrencies offers various investment possibilities to consumers. So let’s take a look at the latest cryptocurrency investment ideas.

What is Dogecoin?

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency created as a ‘joke’, to make fun of the wild speculations of crypto at the time it was created. Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer are the two engineers that created the dogecoin.

Also called the meme coin, Dogecoin promotes the currency as the “fun and friendly Internet currency”. Dogecoin was initially designed to be “as ridiculous as possible,” in keeping with its parody theme and to prevent people from actually using it over the long term.

Fortunately, dogecoin has grown popular over time, most especially after it found the interest of Elon Musk and other influencers. Dogecoin trades by the symbol DOGE. 

Today, DOGE is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies and has been used as a form of payment by some merchants in the world.

What is Dogecoin’s Worth in the Crypto Market?

DOGE is ranked number 10 today among thousands of cryptocurrencies listed by CoinMarketCap. DOGE’s price today is $0.065980 USD with a 24-hour trading volume of $516,501,385 USD.

DOGE has a live market cap of $10,614,078,641 USD. It also has a circulating supply of 132,670,764,300 DOGE coins.

Dogecoin can be purchased on most of the world’s crypto exchanges. These include Binance, ByBit, Huobi, Kraken, etc. You can buy and sell DOGE in Nigeria on platforms such as Prestmit.

What is Tamadoge?

Tamadoge is one of the newest meme coins in the cryptocurrency market. The cryptocurrency has not officially debuted with its pre-sale done in July 2022.

Tamadoge symbol in the cryptocurrency market is TAMA. The meme coin has a lot of interesting investment opportunities that are attracting investors.  Apart from being a meme coin, TAMA is revolutionary because it’s also an immersive virtual reality and NFT that many enthusiasts and players can dip into.

The Tamadoge community has proven to be one of the fastest-growing communities. The new project has reached close to 50,000 users in less than a month since its pre-launch.

Tamadoge is tipped for greater things because it is backed by a serious project called ‘TamaVerse’.  In this Metaverse, it is expected that users can create, play and interact with different pets within it under a play-to-earn format.

What is TAMA’s Worth in the Crypto Market?

As stated earlier, TAMA is yet to make its official debut. However, the success of its pre-sale has made it a cryptocurrency to look out for.

TAMA has accumulated over $5,620,496 in three weeks. The project is aiming to raise an amount close to two million dollars in its initial presale. The public sale is set to launch in quarter 4 of 2022.

Once TAMA goes live, users can buy, sell, train, and trade virtual pets that also work as NFTs.

Major Differences Between DOGE & TAMA

Although both cryptocurrencies here are meme coins, they are still different as real crypto projects always come with a solution different from others.

DOGE is the first created meme coin. It was created as a parody of the first and biggest cryptocurrency, bitcoin. It has since become the biggest meme coin. TAMA is more than a meme coin, it has an interactive metaverse and also an NFT store.

Which to Buy Between Dogecoin & Tamadoge in 2022?

Dogecoin and Tamadoge both have exciting investment opportunities that can attract investors.  Investors need to know what suits them better before investing in them.

DOGE has enjoyed huge success, following the path of bitcoin. DOGE is accepted for payment of goods and services just like BTC. It has real-world-use cases e.g. Elon Musk’s Tesla receives DOGE for some of its products as well as other merchants.

DOGE was launched in 2013 which makes it the older among the two in the crypto market. The fact that it has yet to fade away like other coins makes it a choice for investors/traders. It is therefore the more popular of the two cryptocurrencies.

As for TAMA, its selling point is that it is not just a meme coin. It is also present in the metaverse and NFT. This means that there are several opportunities here compared to DOGE.

TAMA token is also attractive because it boasts zero tax for transactions.  65% of the tokens that are used monthly will be redistributed to the players in the form of rewards.

Dogecoin should therefore be the choice for less risky and more traditional investors. This is because DOGE has passed the test of time so far and hasn’t faded like other new projects.

For the averse risk-takers, Tamadoge should be the right choice. The metaverse project is still in its developmental stage and a lot is being expected from it. Early investors of this project might earn a fortune later, especially for those who invested on a long-term basis.

However, for the sake of this article, if you are purchasing any of these coins for your crypto trading today, DOGE is up there. Despite it being a meme coin, it has rivaled Bitcoin’s success.


Dogecoin and Tamadoge are two of the promising meme coins in the crypto market today. While DOGE has been in the industry for years and has enjoyed huge success, TAMA presale has been overwhelming, making it one to consider for investors.