One of the many challenges plaguing Gift Card users is the lack of information, especially on the resale value of their Gift Cards. Though every Gift Card can be traded to get cashback, some can be traded for Bitcoin even, but not every Gift Card promises a good resale value.

Knowing this, people tend to buy Gift Cards with a good resale value to reap good returns when sold. One such Gift Card is the Google Play Gift Card.

Traditionally, Google Play Gift Card is used by Android device users on the Google Play Store. The use of Google Play Gift Cards entails having access to all the downloadable content on the Play Store, but it does not limit them to selling the Gift Cards for Bitcoin if they wish to do so.

The compelling problem is how much Bitcoin you can get for the Google Play Gift Card you want to swap. If this has been a problem, then be sure you’re on the right platform because we will give you full information on the resale value of your Google Play Card in Bitcoin and other relevant knowledge you should have.

What Is Google Play Gift Card?

Google Play Gift Cards are preloaded and may be used to buy any digital content on the Google Play Store, such as games, movies, apps, and music.

Google Play Gift Cards are designed to assist gift-givers in finding the ideal gifts for their recipients, who may be Android device users. The beneficiaries can then use the Google Play card to buy their favourite content on the Google Play Store. Assuming they are not Android fans, the Google Play Card is not a waste; it can sometimes be sold for cool money and crypto.

Google Play Gift Cards, like many other brands of gift cards, are available in two formats: Google Play Gift Card (plastic card) and Google Play e-Gift Card. Buyers can choose between the two, although it is suggested that they get the Google Play e-Gift Card to avoid any additional expenses like shipping fees. 

How To Redeem Google Play Gift Cards 

This is no hard task to do. You should also redeem your Google Play Gift Card before it can be used to carry any transaction on the Google Play Store. The steps involved are;

  1. Launch the Google Play Store app
  2. Tap your profile image in the top right corner of the screen.
  3. From the drop-down menu, choose “Payments & Subscriptions
  4. Select “Redeem Gift Code” from the drop-down menu.
  5. Under the “SCRATCH TO REVEAL CODE” line, enter the 16-digit code on the back of your plastic gift card or in the email with your digital gift card.
  6. If you have a physical gift card, instead of manually punching in the code, you can use “Scan Gift Card” to take a picture of it.
  7. Choose the  “Redeem”  option.
  8. Click “Confirm” to confirm the account you want to apply for the gift card.
  9. Click “Not Now” to exit the redemption menu.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a decentralized digital currency with no central bank or single administrator intervention. It may be sent from one user to another via a peer-to-peer bitcoin network like Binance. Network nodes use cryptography to verify transactions, which are then stored in a publicly distributed blockchain. Satoshi Nakamoto, a pseudonym for an unknown individual or group of people, created the cryptocurrency in 2008. When the currency’s implementation was released as open-source software in 2009, it went into usage.

How To Swap Google Gift Card For Bitcoin

You must carry out the exchange on a reputable platform like ours to exchange your Google Play Gift Cards for Bitcoin. A platform that you can trust with your digital asset, where payments are instant and rates are relatively high. Trading Google Play Gift Card includes the following;

  1. Log in after creating an account.
  2. Select “Start Trade” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select “Sell Gift Card” and fill in the gift card information by scrolling down the page.
  4. Select “Category” and r”Sub Category” from the drop-down menu: You choose your Gift Card’s category as Google Play Gift Card and the subcategory you want to sell.
  5. Select “AMOUNT” from the drop-down menu: Fill in the total amount of Google Play Gift Cards you’d like to convert to Bitcoin. Based on current rates, this is calculated using an automated rate calculator.
  6. Because you’re exchanging Gift Cards for Bitcoin, you will select Bitcoin as your payment method. When you enter the amount, the Bitcoin value of the Google Play Gift Card will be immediately displayed. 
  7. If you want to receive Bitcoin payments, enter your Bitcoin wallet address.
  8. Finally, click “APPLY” to send your payment, which will arrive in a few minutes.

How Much Bitcoin To Get With a $100 Google Play Gift Card?

I guess this is exactly the question running through your mind right now. It’s time to clear the air for good.

Our Gift Card exchange platform has a unique automated rates calculator which calculates the value of your Gift Card in Bitcoin using the best rate. Swapping a $100 Google Play Gift Card for Bitcoin would mean getting $62.90 of Bitcoin. 

Do you still want to check for other Gift Cards? Of course, you can. You can always check our website to see how much Bitcoin or cash you can get for your Gift Cards.

Benefits Of Using Bitcoin

  1. Buyers’ Fraud Risks are Reduced: Bitcoins allow buyers to complete transactions without disclosing sensitive financial information to seller, such as credit or debit card numbers. As a result, they have a level of financial secrecy that most prepaid cards don’t provide.
  2. Transaction Fees are Reduced: Transaction fees for Bitcoin transactions are much lower than those for credit and debit card transactions. This feature alone should make it a popular choice among small business owners.
  3. There will be no involvement from a third party: The entire Bitcoin transaction procedure is peer-to-peer. There is no third-party involvement. No one can freeze, tax, or claim your currency. They can’t be stolen, and they can’t be seized by the government.
  4. Fast Payment: If a client requests a chargeback, credit card funds might be held for up to a week or even longer. As a result, payment delays appear to occur for no apparent cause. In most cases, this is not the case with Bitcoins. In comparison to traditional prepaid card settlements, they are frequently faster.
  5. There is no risk of inflation: Inflation is virtually non-existent with Bitcoins; it doesn’t exist in the world of Bitcoin. Inflation happens when the government prints more money over the course of a year, lowering people’s purchasing power overall. On the other hand, the Bitcoin system was established explicitly intended to be finite (approximately 21 million). As a result, without the ability to issue surplus currency, the possibility of inflation is reduced to zero.