An electronic payment system is a new paradigm in the financial landscape that continues to gain traction worldwide. One of its gateways is Google Pay, which enables payment for products and services online or in-store. But as this is widely used across over 70 countries, including the United States and the United Kingdom, Nigerians can also access some benefits of this system. Hence, it is necessary to know how to use Google Pay in Nigeria.

What Is Google Pay?

How to use Google Pay in Nigeria

Google Pay or Wallet is a mobile application designed by Google LLC to allow users to create Android wallets from their smartphones. It provides an effective and efficient way of sending and receiving money from friends and family who use this medium.

How Google Pay Works

Google Pay or Google Wallet is an alternative to your local bank cards (credit, debit, or prepaid), as their virtual copies are created on the GPay app. This means it is a virtual service that eliminates the need to walk around with physical bank cards.

The wallet stores loyalty cards, coupons, and offers for shoppers that earn them from purchasing with Google Pay at Google-verified merchant locations like restaurants or grocery stores. This wallet can also store your Google Play gift cards and other credit cards, even as there is a plan for the service to store keys, tickets, boarding passes, etc.

At the time of writing this article, Google Pay supports Google Prepaid Card, MasterCard, Visa Card, American Express, and Discover Card. These are some of the cards that you can also use to fund Google Wallet in Nigeria.

How Google Pay Works In Nigeria

You can use Google Pay with credit or debit cards to send and receive money with Gmail, the Google service. This requires you to have a Google Wallet account with a valid card linked to it.

Recently, we have seen fintechs like Flutterwave and Interswitch integrating Google Pay into their payment gateways to foster cross-border transactions for Nigerian businesses and individuals.

How To Set Up A Google Wallet Account in Nigeria

You need a Gmail account and credit/debit cards to create a Google Wallet account in Nigeria. You can then proceed with the following steps after having this information handy:

How To Send Money With Google Pay In Nigeria

Here are the steps to transfer money to another Google Wallet in Nigeria:

  • Log into your Google Wallet account via the app or web.
  • Log into your Gmail account and click on the compose tab.
  • Enter the Gmail address of the receiver. You may optionally enter a message or reason for transfer.
  • Click on your preferred currency icon – “$” for a recipient in the United States and “£” for the ones in the United Kingdom.
  • Enter the amount you want and click “send” to complete the transaction.

How To Receive Money To Your Google Pay Account In Nigeria

Follow these steps to receive money to your Google Wallet account:

  • Log into your Google account or Gmail account.
  • Open the mail about the money transferred to your Google Wallet account.
  • Claim the cash in the mail and verify your Google Wallet identity.
  • Withdraw the money into your Google Wallet balance or linked bank card.

Benefits Of Using Google Pay In Nigeria

1. Convenience

Google Pay provides a convenient payment solution that enables its users to pay for products or services in-store, online, and in-app without the need for cash or cards. All you need is your smartphone and a Google account to facilitate transactions anytime and from anywhere in Nigeria.

2. Security

Google Pay is secure as it uses encryption technology to protect your personal information or account details. Therefore, all payments are processed through a secure server that keeps unauthorized access from your account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Using Google Pay In Nigeria

Does Google Pay Work In Nigeria?

Yes, Google Pay works in Nigeria. But it is a partial functionality as Google is yet to extend GPay service to Nigerians. You can use a VPN or APK app store on the web to download Google Pay in Nigeria before use.

Can I Receive Money With Google Pay In Nigeria?

Yes, you can receive money with Google Pay through your Gmail account. It will be sent to you like mail, which you can open to claim and withdraw to your Google Wallet balance or bank card.

How To Withdraw From Google Pay In Nigeria?

You can withdraw from your Google Pay account by going to your “Google Pay balance” and clicking “Transfer Balance.” Enter the amount you want to transfer and choose your preferred payment method (bank account, debit card, etc.).

What Is An Alternative Google Payment Service To Google Pay In Nigeria?

You can use Google Play gift cards in Nigeria, a viable alternative to Google Pay. This is because the gift card enables you to pay for products or services on the Google Play store. This contrasts with Google Pay, which you can only use to send or receive money in Nigeria.


Google Pay is an advancement in using digital payment systems for products and services. While this has become a popular payment gateway in developed countries, it is still in its early phase of adoption in Nigeria, even as Google has not given its use in the country full support.

Therefore, it is important to understand how to use Google Pay in Nigeria, which we have provided in this article. But it is also essential to continue with your study about this medium to look out for possible changes in the future.