Google Play gift card is one of the industry’s most popular and valuable gift cards. Its high demand, which transcends to its high rates, can be attributed to the value it gives to users. The high price of Google Play gift cards has made them an attractive digital asset to scammers.

Often, many victims have tendered complaints about their ugly experiences with scammers involved in various requested payments with gift cards. Scores of those complaints mentioned that the scammers wanted payment through Google Play gift cards which made them give out the code at the back of the card.

These scams can come in many different ways, and the primary purpose is to drain the money in the card and leave the victims with useless cards. One crucial fact to note about google play gift cards is that they can only be used to buy apps, games, books, and movies through the Google Play Store and anyone who convinces you to pay them using your google play gift card is a scammer. It’s not so challenging to identify Google Play gift card scammers. When they call, they either tell you the gift card is urgent, they tell you the exact gift card to buy, or they ask for the gift card number or pin. Once you get a call that makes any of these demands, be sure that a scammer is working to rip you.

You will see the five common google play gift card scams you should be wary of.

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Five Common Google Play Gift Card Scams

1. FIRS, SIRS, or Government imposter

You may receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from the Federal/State Inland Revenue Service(FIRS/SIRS), the police, or another government agency. If this caller attempts to scare you into purchasing gift cards as payment for back taxes or other legal issues, hang up, this caller is a scammer. This is a scam even if the caller knows and calls out some details of your confidential documents. The caller may become hostile or insulting, threatening you with arrest or suspending your business or driver’s license. Under no circumstances will the FIRS, police, or any other government entity accept payment through gift cards to resolve tax or other legal issues.

2. Email Messages

You might receive an email from a friend asking you to do a task or favour by purchasing Google Play gift cards and emailing them the redemption codes. While the sender’s name and email address may appear to be those of a family member, friend, or colleague, this is a sophisticated phishing scam disguised as a legitimate request from someone you know. Do not purchase gift cards and then respond with redemption codes. Do not respond directly to the email sender or click on any links in their email if you want to confirm whether or not the request is legitimate. Instead, contact the person requesting the gift codes in person or via another means of communication (e.g. phone call).

3. Reduced-priced goods or services

Someone may entice you with a great deal and a significant discount if you pay with a Google Play gift card rather than a credit/debit card. They may also claim that you have problems with a recent credit/debit card payment and must pay with a Google Play gift card instead. This is not real. It is a scam, do not reveal your card to them.

4. Family Emergency 

A caller may claim to be a family member in distress (or an attorney or representative of a family member in distress) who requires money in the form of gift cards to alleviate their emergency. The caller may try to persuade you not to contact the family member to validate the claims, don’t believe them, it’s a scam. Once you buy the gift card and send it to them, you will never hear from them again.

5. Technology Support

You may receive a phone call from someone who is tech support or a computer software company requesting Google Play gift cards as payment for computer repairs. Alternatively, you may receive an email from a computer software company requesting that you call for them to protect your computer from harmful viruses or to repair a program you use. The email could be infected with a virus that causes computer problems. When you call, they will ask for payment and may claim that your credit cards have also been compromised because your computer has been compromised. They will then request payment through a Google Play gift card.

6. Romance  Scam

You may meet someone on a dating site or any social media platform, and after a certain level of trust has been established, they will ask you to send them a Google Play gift card. They will tell you some sad stories about how they need money and trick you into sending them the gift card.

You shouldn’t send gift cards to someone you haven’t met physically.

Google Play gift card scams

How To Avoid Google Play Gift Card Scam

Knowing some of the popular ways scammers may trick you into revealing your Google play card to them, let us talk about how you can avoid these scams.

1. Never reveal your gift card details to a stranger over the phone or share the code with anyone. Your gift card details are meant for you alone.

2. Never use your card to pay anything outside the Google Play store. You can’t pay bills or taxes with a Google Play card.

3. Always confirm any distress or emergency message you get before proceeding to help with a gift card.

4. If you suspect any activity that may seem questionable about your card, repost to your local police or report to Google Play support for assistance.


The bottom line is that it’s a scam if you’re asked to pay someone with a Google Play gift card in exchange for goods or services. Using Google Play gift cards to pay for anything other than the Google Play Android app store violates Google Play’s Terms of Service.

It is critical to understand that all the strategies described above are scams. Scammers may instruct you where to buy Google Play gift cards (e.g. Walgreen, Walmart, etc.). Scammers may try to discourage you from talking to or answering questions from store employees, colleagues, friends, or family members.

If you find yourself in any of the situations listed above, or something similar, you may be a victim of a scam. If you’re confused about anything or want to report anything on the Google Play Store, you can contact customer support and seek help.

Don’t buy gift cards and then redeem your gift cards to the requester over the phone or in writing. If you do, your money will most likely be gone.