gift card to sellOver the years in countries like the USA, England and other western countries; gift cards have widely been used as gifts. Employers and individuals use prepaid cards to tell people they appreciate them. However, gift cards aren’t as popular in African countries like Ghana. Just a limited number of business organizations adopt the usage of gift cards as a means of payment. So what do you do when, for instance; if you are in Ghana and you are given a gift card as a gift from a friend or family member abroad? This question would have been difficult to answer if gift card exchange websites/apps didn’t exist. Gift card traders in Ghana now have outlets to sell gift cards in Ghana.

What Are Gift Card Exchange Platforms

Most gift card brands can not be used as a means of payment in Ghana, due to this fact a few gift card trading sites/apps have popped up. Gift card exchange platforms are websites or apps where you can trade your cards for cash, crypto or mobile money.

One of the problems gift card traders fears the most is getting scammed for their gift cards. There have been a few incidents where traders completed transactions but ended up not being paid. Once anybody has hold of your gift card numbers they can use it for whatever they like. This is why gift cardholders need to be careful with where they fill in their gift card details (Pin and gift card number). These fraudulent sites just aim to get your gift card details so they can use your cards.

Within the bad eggs, there are still good eggs amongst gift card trading sites/apps. The best thing a new entrant into gift card trading can do is to find a good trading platform. 

What Is The Best Gift Card Exchange Platform And Why?

If you are looking for the best gift card trading site/app in Ghana look no further than Prestmit aims to eliminate all the problems users encounter in other platforms. Some of these problems include:

  • Late Payout

Going through the reviews on a few platforms it was obvious to see that a lot of people complain about late payments. Waiting for so long to get paid can be traumatizing as you are constantly worried if you will ever get paid. This is one of the problems Prestmit solves.

  • Poor Customer Service

Customer support systems are a core component of any business organization and the people at Prestmit Tech. understand this. 

  • Low Gift Card Rates

If you have ever sold your gift card at an unfavourable price then you know that unsatisfactory feeling you get after such trade. Yet another problem Prestmit solves.

  • Insecurity/Scam

Traders that trade on Prestmit get paid instantly and this gives them safety, therefore, eliminating the fear of losing your gift card.

What You Stand to Gain if you Trade on Prestmit

Trading on the Prestmit platform has a lot of advantages and traders are already benefiting from them. The following are the advantages you will enjoy when you trade on Prestmit:

  • Money is what you trade for that is why on the platform you are guaranteed to sell your gift cards at the highest rates.
  • Instant payments
  • A crypto wallet once you create an account on the platform.
  • Be rest assured to get assistance from a responsive customer support system if needed.
  • When you trade on the platform you will experience the Friendly user interface that makes it easy to use.
  • You have a gift card rate calculator that allows you to check gift card rates at any time.

How To Check Gift Card Rates in Ghana

It’s important to know gift card selling rates in each platform to know which sells at the highest rate. To check your gift card rates you will need a Rate Calculator.

Here is how to use the rate calculator on Prestmit:

  1. Fill in your gift card brand name in the “Gift Card Category” space. E.g American Express
  2. Next is the “Gift Card SubCategory” box, this is where you fill in what type of gift card it is. E. American Express AMEX (100-199).
  3. Then type out how much your gift card is worth in “Amount”. E.g $100.
  4. You would automatically see how much you will get paid in the “Payout Method” space. You can change the currency to Cedis, Naira or crypto.

What makes the rate calculator interesting is that it assists you all through.

Gift Cards With The Highest Rates In Ghana

There are gift cards and there are gift cards, here are the gift cards with the highest rates in Ghana in no particular order:

1. Amazon gift card

Amazon gift cards are still the most used gift cards no wonder they sell at high rates.

2. iTunes gift card

iPhones are widely used around the world this is why the iTunes gift card will continue to be in high demand. Trading them for cash will definitely get you cool pay.

3. Google Play Store gift card

If it’s not an Apple iPhone then it has to be Android right? Google Play gift cards allow its users to buy books, magazines, games etc, it basically turns phones into entertainment hubs. They are also a good source of side income when traded.

4. Visa gift card

Visa gift cards are open-loop gift cards meaning they can work in any business that accepts Visa cards as a means of payment. They are one of the highly-rated gift cards in the current market.

5. Mastercard gift card

Stats show that the sales of open-loop gift cards go up during the Christmas season and Mastercard falls under the open-loop category of gift cards. 

6. American Express gift card

American Express or AMEX gift cards are similar to Mastercard and Visa as they are also open-loop gift cards. 

7. eBay gift card

eBay gift cards are also pocket-friendly gift cards to trade for cash. So if you have one in Ghana you should consider trading it for cash.

8. Sephora gift card

Sephora is a body care and beauty products chain of retail stores and the brand’s gift cards are fast trading at high rates.

9. Best Buy gift card

Best Buy doesn’t operate in Ghana so if you happened to be with a Best buy a gift card in Accra or Kumasi your best option is to trade it for cash on a trading platform.

10. Steam gift card

The gaming platform allows its users to play, create and discuss video games online. Apart from the Steam gift card granting users access to the Steam platform, it is also a good source of income in Ghana. A $100 USA Steam gift card currently trades at GHS 312.50. 

In Conclusion

The gift trading industry is on a fast rise and now is the time to start trading, so do you have an Amazon or Sephora gift card? Get online and trade it on the best gift card trading platform all from your phone.