Trading is one viable way to make money online in Nigeria. This could be a commodity or digital trading. But as we grind different ways to make money online, you may want to know how to sell airtime online for cash on a platform like Prestmit.

Airtime is important to mobile users because it enables you to make calls, send text messages, and connect to the internet. Therefore, it is safe to infer that airtime is the ‘real MVP’ to stay connected to family and friends. Can you imagine how extremely bored you will be if you do not have airtime on your mobile device to talk to friends or chat with that buddy of yours?

Therefore, you can not rule out the benefits of having airtime and neither can you overemphasize it as an asset that appropriately drives the functions of your mobile devices. There are four (4) mobile networks in Nigeria, namely, MTN, GLO, Airtel, and 9mobile. As such, you can buy airtime on these networks to enjoy the benefits that airtime offers.

Sell airtime on Prestmit


It is common knowledge that mistakes are inevitable in our daily activities. Therefore, this frank notion can push the narrative of making some mistakes while buying airtime. Often than not, you can make a mistake by adding an extra “0” to the amount of airtime you want to buy, especially when buying airtime online. This is a mistake that some of us are guilty of.

For instance, I wanted to send an N500 MTN airtime to my brother last week, and I mistakenly entered three “0s” instead of two”0s), thereby sending N5,000 as against the N500 intended to send. As painful as it was, I can’t complain because he is my younger brother. A few minutes later, he called to inform me that he has sold N4,500 of the airtime on Prestmit.

So this is where using your airtime for a good cause comes to play. While you have excess airtime you exhaust on unnecessary calls or online downloads, you can monetize your airtime by selling it on credible online platforms like Prestmit.

What Is Prestmit?

Prestmit is a household name of a top digital trading platform on which you can buy and sell digital assets like gift cards and cryptocurrencies. But as the goal of this platform beckons to serve the varying needs of its teeming users, you can also sell airtime for cash on Prestmit – making it one of the best platforms to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria.

Therefore, if you made a mistake in buying excess airtime or perhaps, someone sent you airtime as a gift, you can start to make money by selling airtime on Prestmit. This is irrespective of your mobile network.

Benefits Of Selling Airtime On Prestmit

There is a wide range of advantages to using Prestmit to sell your airtime. These are nuances of features that make Prestmit the best platform to trade assets like airtime.

1. Fast Transactions

Selling airtime on Prestmit is lightning fast. This means that your transactions on the platform are incredibly instant. You do not have to wait for hours or days before you receive payment in cash in your local bank account or Prestmit wallet. As fast as selling airtime on Prestmit is, you can receive a confirmation of payment into your account before leaving the page.

2. Safe Transaction

Your transactions on Prestmit are safe and secure. This is not only for selling airtime, but it encompasses every transaction on the platform. Therefore, you can be assured of being safe from scams or possible theft when selling airtime on Prestmit.

One of the security infrastructures on the platform is the two-factor authentication (2FA) code that gives you exclusive access to your account and wallet without the encroachment of unauthorised access.

3. Responsive Customer Support

One major feature that makes Prestmit the best digital trading platform is its customer support team which is always available to resolve your queries. You can contact Prestmit customer support any time of the day with the assurance of a team member picking up your request and proffering a swift solution.

How To Create A Prestmit Account

Selling your airtime on Prestmit means you are a part of the Prestmit family. But here are some steps to getting started with having a Prestmit account:

  • Download a Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create a Prestmit by providing all required personal details
  • Log into your Prestmit account
  • Your Prestmit account is ready for use

How To Sell Airtime On Prestmit

Now that you have successfully created a Prestmit account, you can start selling airtime for cash on the platform. How do you sell airtime for cash? The following are the steps:

  • Log into your Prestmit account
  • Click on “Pay bills, buy & sell airtime”
  • Click on “Buy and Sell Airtime”
  • Click on “Sell Airtime”
  • Select your preferred mobile network
  • Enter your phone number and the airtime amount
  • Send your airtime to the provided automatically generated number revealed to you
  • Proceed to confirm your transaction
  • You will receive payment into your Prestmit wallet and which you can withdraw to your local bank account

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Airtime On Prestmit

How Fast Can I Sell Airtime On Prestmit?

Selling airtime on Prestmit is considerably fast. You can sell airtime for cash within a few minutes, usually between 2-5 minutes.

How Much Of Airtime Can I Sell On Prestmit?

There is a range of amounts of airtime you can sell on Prestmit. This is usually between N1,000 and N10,000.

What Is The Rate Of My Airtime?

The rate of airtime is relative as it largely depends on your mobile network and the amount of airtime. However, you will see how much you will get when you are about to sell your airtime on Prestmit.

How To Resolve Issues On Prestmit

There is a team of professional customer support readily available to fix every escalation from Prestmit users. You can contact the Prestmit support team via email or live chat to request a prompt resolution to all your lingering issues. So don’t trade aloof on Prestmit. We are always available to guide you through your journey on our platform.


The days of getting worrisome over that excess airtime on your mobile device are over because you can make real-time money by selling your airtime for cash. This helps to increase your purchasing power with the contentment of always making money from your airtime.

However, it is important to use a trusted platform to sell your airtime – with Prestmit being the best place to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria. So what are you waiting for? Create a Prestmit account now to sell your airtime for cash today