MTN airtime transfer is one of the standard methods people use to give others (family and friends) airtime as a gift in Nigeria, Ghana, and other countries where MTN has its coverage. This gesture of sharing has been on for many years and enables people to not go out of airtime on their mobile devices always.

Airtime can be likened to a car’s fuel, as fuel is the energy that powers a car. Airtime is necessary for every mobile user because it allows you to make calls when needed and make data subscriptions. As such, when you don’t have airtime on your mobile device, its functions are limited, especially in making calls, sending text messages, and sometimes browsing.

MTN airtime transfer

However, airtime transfer bridges the gap between an airtime owner and someone needing airtime. There are many possibilities for having an airtime transfer experience, as I can call any of my family members or a friend to transfer airtime to me in the event of running out of airtime at a point I can not recharge my mobile device with airtime. Similarly, people can sell airtime to make money, which boils down to making airtime transfers.

According to the local parlance, “airtime has been saving lives since 1900.” This is exaggerated, but in context, we allude to the fact that airtime transfer has proffered solutions to some people’s problems who are in dire need of making an important call or converting the airtime to cash to buy some necessities or paying some bills.

By extension, MTN is the largest telecommunication network in Nigeria and Africa, concerning its widespread network coverage across the continent. So this posits MTN to have the most extensive customer base, with about 74.1 active mobile subscribers in Nigeria and over 240 million active subscribers in Africa. This is huge for a mobile network that needs to cater to its subscribers’ needs adequately.

While some people can not afford to buy an MTN airtime at the moment, MTN airtime transfer helps them access airtime; MTN Share is that unique feature that enables you to transfer airtime from your to another MTN line. It is available to both new and existing MTN users, prepaid or postpaid.

MTN airtime transfer is easy to achieve, regardless of whether you are a first-time user or have been using it repeatedly. So this MTN Share ‘N’ Sell feature enables you to send airtime to your preferred recipient; so far, they are using an MTN line. But resetting your MTN transfer PIN from the default “0000” to your secret and preferred 4-digit PIN is essential.

Requirements For MTN Airtime Transfer

MTN airtime transfer is relatively easy to achieve, but there are requisites to initiating the process to qualify for making the transfer.

1. Sender And Receiver Must Be MTN Subscribers

This significant factor allows you to transfer an MTN airtime or the recipient receiving the airtime. For instance, a Glo or Airtel subscriber can not use the MTN Share ‘N’ Sell feature to transfer an MTN airtime to an MTN user. Also, it is impossible for a receiver who is not an MTN subscriber to receive the airtime. Therefore, this feature exclusively supports MTN subscribers.

2. Active MTN Line

It is one thing to be an MTN subscriber, and it is another thing to be fully active with your MTN line to make calls, send text messages, recharge MTN airtime, and whatnot. Suppose you hardly use your MTN Line, and this inactivity goes beyond 180 days. In that case, there is a possibility that your MTN line will be deactivated, except in some instances whereby you applied for an extension of inactivity because you want to travel for like a year or two. You will not be using the line.

Nevertheless, having an active MTN line is germane to using the MTN Share feature for airtime transfer. The sender and the receiver must have their lines active to qualify for the service.

3. Minimum Transfer Amount

The minimum MTN transfer amount is NGN 50, and you can not transfer beyond NGN 5,000 in a single transaction. However, there are service charges on MTN airtime transfers, depending on the amount you want to share. This is as follows:

  • NGN 50 – NGN 100: NGN 3
  • NGN 101 – NGN 500: NGN 5
  • NGN 501 – NGN 5,000: NGN 10

How To Transfer Airtime From MTN To MTN Line

MTN airtime transfer

1. Dial the transfer code: the USSD code for MTN airtime transfer is “*600*.”

2. Enter the receiver’s number: the MTN number you want to transfer the MTN airtime.

3. Enter the transfer amount: this is the amount of the MTN airtime you want to send, and it must be between NGN 50 and NGN 5,000.

4. Enter your transfer PIN: this is the 4-digit number you have activated after changing the default MTN transfer PIN “0000.”

5. Confirm the transfer: ensure that you painstakingly go through the MTN number of the recipient and the amount you are sending to avoid sending the airtime to the wrong person or sending more than the amount you intend to transfer.

6. Put an “#” at the end of your transfer PIN and press the “Send” button to initiate your airtime transfer.

For instance, I want to transfer NGN 1,000 MTN airtime to my younger brother. His MTN number is 08034567890.

I will dial *600*08034567890*1,000*1234#. This will initiate my airtime transfer with an NGN 1,000 MTN airtime sent to my brother while I incur a fee of NGN 10. My younger brother can sell the NGN 1,000 for cash or use it as airtime.

What Are The Safety And Security Measures Of MTN Airtime Transfer?

1. Keep Your PIN Safe

Your MTN transfer PIN, a 4-digit number, must be kept close to your heart. This means you must not divulge it to another person, regardless of the relationship. This is because airtime, in its right, is money; as such, you lose money when subjected to fraud on your airtime. Treat your transfer PIN the way you use your ATM PIN because nobody can afford to lose money at this time. It is safer not to save your transfer PIN on your phone.

2. Report Fraudulent Transfers

Nobody is guaranteed to fall victim, but staying atop the knowledge of being proactive rather than reactive is the best way. However, you must report any suspected fraudulent transfers from your MTN line to MTN customer support to take necessary actions to prevent the total loss of your airtime, which is money.

Endeavour to immediately contact the MTN support team to block your MTN line immediately to deactivate it from any activity.

3. Protect Your SIM Card

Your MTN Sim card is your identity as an MTN subscriber, just like ATM cards from banks. You must keep your Sim card safe when it is out of your mobile device. You can wrap it with a piece of paper and keep it far from the reach of people.

But in the event of losing your MTN Sim card, do well to contact MTN customer care to help you block the lost Sim card while you do an “MTN Welcome Back” with a new MTN Sim card. This process is to forestall using your lost Sim card to perpetrate different kinds of fraud that might be traceable to you.

Benefits Of MTN Airtime Transfer

1. Convenience

MTN, as a mobile network, has significant coverage across the nooks and crannies of Nigeria; as such, you can transfer MTN airtime anywhere and almost everywhere in the country without leaving your comfort zone.

2. Speed

When the network reception is good, MTN airtime transfer is fast at the snap of a finger. This usually takes 2 to 5 seconds for the transfer to occur.

3. Reliability

You can easily access the MTN Share feature whenever you choose. It does not falter as it is quick to its resolutions. So far, you are an active MTN subscriber, and the receiver is also dynamic; MTN airtime transfer is ever ready for you to use.

4. Exchange For Cash

The days of going about with cash or leaving your place to give cash to someone are over. You can use MTN airtime in exchange for money for your friends and family ease. For instance, if a loved one transfers NGN 5,000 MTN airtime to you, you can make money by selling the airtime for cash on Prestmit. We are one of Nigeria’s best platforms for exchanging airtime for cash. We give you the best rates that you can not find anywhere without hassles.


Airtime transfer is the way to go if you want to show a simple, kind gesture to friends and family, and MTN airtime transfer offers you a range of options to enjoy this service. When you use the MTN airtime transfer feature, you are confident of operating at your convenience and safety.

However, it is essential to be careful about sending MTN airtime to prevent the mistake of sending the airtime to the wrong receiver or transferring beyond your wish. Always use this MTN Share feature to spread more love among family and friends.