Before the advent of platforms that could convert airtime to cash, buying airtime online came with the risk of buying more than you wanted. Imagine adding an extra zero to 1000. The only alternative was to ask people around you to buy it, and even then, you would have to transfer the amount to each person. Way too much stress, right?

But today, some platforms allow users to sell their airtime for cash. It’s essential that you find a reliable app to convert airtime to cash for rainy days. Whether you received lots of airtime from a friend you can’t use or made an error when recharging and added extra zeros, these apps will save your hide.

To arm you with apps that can help you when you need to sell airtime for cash, we’ll explore the 5 best legit apps where you can convert airtime to currency. Sounds good? Let’s go.

Brief Overview of Airtime Conversion Apps

If you were asked some years back why people sell airtime in Nigeria, you may have said it’s so that people who need can recharge their phones. But that’s not the only reason these days. Anyone can sell airtime if they don’t need it or made a mistake when recharging online.

As stated earlier, there is a proliferation of airtime-to-cash apps on the digital market. These platforms saw one of the problems that came with technology and provided a solution. Now, nobody has to be stuck with airtime they don’t need.

Apps that convert airtime do not use magic to flip your airtime on your SIM card to cash instantly. There are procedures they follow that make this conversion possible.

Airtime conversion apps convert airtime to cash through these steps

  • The app gives you a phone number to which you’re to transfer the airtime. The number will be in the same network as the airtime you want to sell.
  • The customer transfers their airtime and provides proof of transaction.
  • The customer adds a bank account to receive cash if they haven’t added any prior.
  • The app verifies and sends the cash to the customer’s bank account.

Benefits of Using Airtime Conversion Apps

  • Ease of use: You don’t have to strive to find people to buy the airtime from you or sell in bits too many.
  • Convenience: There’s no stress involved at all.
  • Speed: Using these apps makes the process a lot faster. You can have your money back within the same hour.

Factors That Determine the Legitimacy of Airtime Conversion Apps

Before you use an app to convert your airtime to cash, certain checks must be in place to prove that the platform is legit. Look at the factors below.

1. User Reviews and Ratings

It is said that reviews do not lie. Check the testimonials of those who have used the app you intend to use and see what they say about it. If there are more negative reviews than positive ones, you might want to reconsider using it.

2. App Security and Privacy Measures

Every platform that handles customers’ financial information must have top-notch security. Any app with lax security protocols and little to no privacy may be a fake app or a copy of the original. Customers’ data should be visible to them only, and there should be authentication measures that ensure a user is the one trying to access an account.

3. Transparency in Transaction Processes

If the app describes its conversion process ambiguously or vaguely, it’s a red flag. As a user, you have the right to know how they intend to convert your airtime to cash and how the money will get to your account, including how long the process will take. The absence of this level of transparency could mean you’re dealing with a scamming platform.

4. Availability of Customer Support

Won’t it be strange if an app has an inactive customer support department? If a user cannot make enquiries or complaints and have them addressed, it’s a red flag. Look out for

Best Apps to Convert Airtime to Cash

1. Prestmit

best app to sell airtime for cash

Prestmit is one of the most outstanding digital trading platforms in Africa. Aside from trading gift cards and crypto, you can convert airtime to cash at the most affordable rates and sort out your utility bills at no cost. You can pay for your cable subscriptions, buy electricity and even fund your betting account. Prestmit does it all.

The app is famous for its speed, convenience, and tight security. Conversion rates are cheap, at 20% for MTN and 40% for GLO. Even if you don’t know how to use the app, the prompts are easy to understand, and the interface is user-friendly. You can download the Prestmit app on both Android and iOS.

2. Aimtoget

convert airtime to cash

One of the pioneering platforms for converting airtime to cash is Aimtoget. The platform has morphed from an airtime flipping platform to a full-blown payment platform where you can buy and sell airtime, purchase data and electricity, and pay for your cable subscriptions.

The most significant appeal of this app is its user interface. It’s straightforward and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. Another benefit of using this app to flip airtime is the convenience. Aimtoget does all the heavy lifting and credits your wallet with the flipped airtime. You can then withdraw your cash to your bank account at any time.

3. Gosub

This is another platform that converts airtime to cash and sends the money to your bank account. Gosub offers essential payment services like airtime recharge, data subscription, cable TV subscription, and electricity bill payment.

The major selling points of this airtime conversion app are its fair rates and speed. MTN rates are as low as 18%, while GLO is 50%. Payments are sent to your account immediately after you complete the transaction.

4. Airtimeflip

airtime conversion app

With a unique and self-explanatory name, one doesn’t need to ask what this platform does. The question is how well they offer airtime flipping services. And you can rest assured that Airtimeflip is well-poised to serve its customers, providing instant airtime-to-cash conversion services.

The website is aesthetically pleasing and straightforward to use. The rates are fair, and we mostly automate the transaction.

Some mobile networks have cheaper rates than others. MTN, for instance, has a much cheaper conversion rate than Airtel or 9Mobile. You can also buy airtime or data and pay your electricity bills on the app. In all, Airtimeflip is an excellent option if you want to sell maritime for cash.

5. Recharge2Cash

Recharge2Cash is another excellent app that has simplified the process of selling airtime for cash in Nigeria. The platform is very security-conscious and ensures users have a safe space to transact. This app is for you if you have large amounts of airtime to sell.

Unlike other apps on this list, Recharge2cash focuses solely on converting airtime to cash. Transactions take very little time to be completed, and the rates are affordable.

How to Choose the Right App for Airtime Conversion

Use the following tips when choosing from the above apps to convert your airtime to cash.

1. Transaction fees

Check the different apps and see the rates for the network of the airtime you want to flip. Most apps have similar rates, but some may have cheaper or flat rates across all networks.

2. Airtime Amount

While you can convert any amount of airtime to cash on all the apps, some have limited amounts per transaction and may also have a limited number of transactions you can carry out in a day. It’s good to find out the limits of the different apps and choose one that suits your needs.

3. Supported Networks

Some apps do not support all networks for peculiar reasons. Before you sign up on any of the apps, confirm if it supports the network of the airtime you want to convert to cash.

4. Payment options

The usual payment route is to transfer the money straight to your account after confirming that you’ve sent the airtime. However, some apps have in-app wallets where you receive payment. Then you can withdraw your cash to your bank account. It’s just good to know how you’ll receive your money and if there are multiple options for you to choose from.

5. Customer support

Pick an app with solid customer service to ensure you have help if and when needed. You can find out if customer support is active by sending an inquiry or checking any app reviews.

Safety Measures and Precautions

All the security measures put in place by these platforms would be useless if you don’t use them. In addition to following the basic rules, there are other measures you can take to ensure you’re converting your airtime to cash safely.

  • Ensure you use a strong password for your account. Weak passwords are more prone to hacks, which is especially dangerous if you’re using an app with a wallet where you may leave some money.
  • Be careful when copying a phone number. Ensure you send the airtime to the correct phone number, or you risk losing all your airtime.
  • Confirm the legitimacy of the app before you use it. Scammers are ever ready to take advantage of users’ carelessness by creating fake versions of apps and websites. They use these diversions to launch phishing attacks. Only submit your account details to an app you’re sure of.
  • Report any suspicious activity to the app’s customer support.



You might want to convert airtime to cash for many reasons, and luckily, a dozen apps serve that purpose. Some of the best have been listed above: Prestmit, Aimtoget, Gosub, Aitimeflip, and Recharge2cash.

These apps are tested and tried. They’re legit and offer the best airtime conversion services in Nigeria. In addition, you can also buy electricity and pay other bills on them.

If you ever need to sell airtime for cash, consider your unique needs, like the network and amount, before you choose any app.

Remember, Prestmit is not responsible for your choices. You would do yourself a lot of good by taking some time to research any app you intend to use. However, Prestmit is still the best in the game. Download the app from Play Store or App Store to get started.