We all know that people need airtime for proper communication through phone calls but have you wondered why people might need to sell airtime in Nigeria?

Recall that some years ago, the primary way to recharge your line was to buy a paper recharge card and load the pin to your network. 

This day, you can simply top-up your airtime by any amount of your choice in the comfort of your bedroom using some online platforms.

Buying airtime online sometimes leads to errors, such as inputting the wrong phone number and amount.

For example, a user may intend to buy #500 MTN airtime, but he believes #5,000 airtime mistakenly. This becomes a problem because the extra #4500 is not needed in his MTN balance, and he may need the money to foot other bills.

Before this day, it is almost impossible to solve this problem because finding someone willing to buy the airtime from you is an arduous task. However, today,  many online platforms where you can sell airtime for cash in Nigeria have emerged.

In this article, we will discuss how you can sell airtime, why people sell airtime and the platforms where you can sell airtime in Nigeria.

Sell airtime in Nigeria


Can I Convert Airtime To Cash In Nigeria?

Of course, you can sell your airtime for quick cash in Nigeria today. Sometime in the past, over-recharging an amount you didn’t bargain for on your phone felt like an execution at the guillotine. It was tricky and embarrassing to ask people to buy airtime from you, so people had to swallow this problem.

Thanks to the fintech innovation that has made life something close to a bed of roses. 

I understand the frustration that engulfs you when you finally realise that you’ve erroneously added an extra zero at the back of the actual amount you wanted to buy or you just received an unsolicited airtime gift on your birthday. Still, they could have sent you cash instead.

Did your friend send you free airtime, or you mistakenly over recharged your network?

You can convert airtime into instant cash on some online platforms in Nigeria. 

Note: Many scammers are disguised as legit platforms, so you should be careful not to fall victim. In the next part of this article, we will show you the best place to sell airtime in Nigeria.

Prestmit trading platform

Best Platform To Sell Airtime For Cash In Nigeria

You must have seen advertisements from many individuals and platforms who claim to buy airtime for cash at reasonable rates. While they may be genuine people and media, it is also essential to factor in the possibility that they can be scammers who will take your money for nothing in return.

I’m sure you don’t want to do that to yourself, so you will have to play it safe and discover the best platform that has your interest at heart.

However, we can assure you of one platform that can never disappoint you. Prestmit app is popularly known as an online digital assets trading app which offers users a seamless way of trading their digital assets for instant cash. Prestmit also offers services like buying cable Tv, funding betting accounts, paying utility bills like electricity bills and buying and selling airtime.

You can flip airtime for cash on the Prestmit app and even buy recharge card pins(the old-school way) or automatically top-up your line.

Let’s save the awesomeness of Prestmit for you to testify after you have downloaded the app from the app store and used it to sell airtime.

Why Do People Sell Airtime For Cash In Nigeria?

Airtime is primarily needed and used for phone calls amongst people, both locally and internationally. Why, then, would people want to sell airtime for cash if they are not meant to be sold for money?

As mentioned earlier in this article, people can only sell airtime they do not need. This airtime can be a product of their own mistakes of recharging more than they need. So they need to sell the airtime to get back their cash which they will need for something else.

People also sell airtime they receive as gifts to generate cash. Why would anyone want to keep much airtime birthday gift on their sim card when they need money to foot other bills after their birthday?

The best thing to do is to sell off the airtime to get back the cash needed for other expenses.

Additionally, due to strict financial policies, many people use airtime top-ups to receive money from friends and families abroad. When they receive this money as airtime, they sell it for cash.

How Can I Buy Airtime In Nigeria

Indeed, you can easily buy airtime everywhere in the streets of Nigeria, as airtime vendors are numerous. Apart from banks, there are also many online platforms where you can buy airtime in Nigeria. 

Since you have learned to sell airtime for cash on Prestmit, it is only necessary that you also know how to buy airtime on the platform to balance the equation.

The steps below will guide you through buying the airtime of your choice on Prestmit.

  • Download the Prestmit app from the App store or Play store.
  • Sign up with your details and log in.
  • Click on “Pay bills, buy and sell airtime.
  • Click on “Buy Airtime.
  • Choose between “Buy airtime directly” and “Buy airtime pin“. The platform allows you to buy a recharge card pin or top-up your airtime without loading a pin.
  • If you want to buy airtime directly, select your network provider, and provide the phone number and amount of airtime you wish to purchase.
  • Click “Pay Now” to complete the transaction, and the phone number will be instantly credited. 
  • It’s the same when you buy a recharge card pin instead. Choose your network provider, the recharge pin quantity and the number of recharge card pins you want to print.
  • Click “Pay Now” to complete the transaction, and your recharge card pins will be sent to you.


People have different reasons for selling airtime in Nigeria. These reasons all boil down to the fact that cash is more critical than airtime. 

In case you want to sell airtime for cash in Nigeria seamlessly, Prestmit is the best way to go.