Footlocker is a popular American sportswear/footwear retail store that has been in business since 1974. The brand has since grown into a giant brand that has stores operating all over many continents and countries of the earth. On Footlocker, one can get very quality products from different big brands like Converse, Adidas, Nike and Jordan. 

Just like other retail stores, Footlocker operates both physical stores and online stores where people can either walk in and buy or make an order online.

You can pay for your order or products on Footlocker, using your bank cards or physical money but Footlocker, however, issues gift cards to customers to help them make seamless transactions on their physical and online stores.

Even though the store may believe that selling gift cards to customers is the best way to make purchases more safe and convenient for them and also create brand awareness, some customers may end up not using the gift cards for some reason.

One of the many reasons why a customer or a recipient of the Footlocker gift card may not redeem the gift card is because they may suddenly lose interest in using the gift card or they may not like the brand. 

In this case, the best alternative for a Footlocker gift card holder is to sell the gift card for money or crypto.

But how do you sell a Footlocker gift card for cash or even for cryptocurrencies?

This article will shed more light on how to sell gift card in Nigeria.

What You Should Know About Footlocker Gift Cards

A Footlocker gift card is a voucher preloaded with a certain amount of money which can be used to make purchases in only the Footlocker retail physical and online stores around the world.

The Footlocker gift card can either be a physical plastic card or a digital code representing the monetary value of the card.

Usually, Footlocker gift cards contain a 16-digit number and 8-digit PIN on the back side of the plastic card.

They usually come in a denomination ranging from $10 to $250.

How To Sell Footlocker Gift Card On PRESTMIT

Footlocker gift card trading can either be a fun-filled exercise or a very frustrating one depending on the type of trading platform one engages.

Undoubtedly, there are many online gift card platforms listed on the app store but only a few of these exchanges have the necessary features required of a satisfactory trading platform.

While some online gift card trading platforms are just below average in quality, many are completely fraudulent.

Going forward, one must be quite cautious and smart about the type of platform one exposes his digital assets. 

A good trading platform has some unique characteristics like; high security, high gift card rates, fast payment, quick customer care services, multiple payment options and more.

According to significant research and proven results, Prestmit is the best gift card trading platform in Africa and beyond.

Prestmit offers gift card and crypto users a seamless way of trading their digital assets at very high rates.

Since the launch of Prestmit on the GooglePlay and App Store in 2020, it has become the first choice of thousands of gift card traders.

On the Prestmit platform, one can trade all gift cards with the highest resale value at very high rates. Also, you will enjoy instant payment, a good user interface, multiple payment options, security on your asset, quick customer services via the live chat feature on the app and many more.

Note that on Prestmit, you can:

  • Sell footlocker cards in Nigeria for naira
  • Sell footlocker card for bitcoin from anywhere
  • Sell footlocker card for tether USDT from anywhere
  • Sell footlocker card in Ghana for cedis

How Much Is $100 Footlocker Gift Card On PRESTMIT

The value of footlocker gift cards is constantly fluctuating due to market fluctuations. If you’re looking for the best prices around, Prestmit is an excellent option. Prestmit is currently charging #500/$ to convert Footlocker card to naira.

Please be aware that this price is subject to change to maintain a balance between the supply and demand for the product.

However, your footlocker gift card may always declare “invalid” when you try to use it. In this scenario, there aren’t a lot of alternatives.

Taking the following steps, you can sell your Footlocker gift card on Prestmit.


  1. Firstly, download the Prestmit app from the store and sign up.
  2. Once you log in, click on “Buy & Sell Gift Cards
  3. Select “Sell Gift Cards
  4. Select the payout method you want.  You can choose either Naira, Cedis, USDT or Bitcoin.
  5. Click on  “Gift Card Category” and choose Footlocker gift card.
  6. Click on “Amount” and input the amount of the Footlocker gift card.
  7. Upload the image of the Footlocker gift card and enter the “Bitcoin Address” in the comment section if you are trading for Bitcoin. Also
  8. Finally, click “APPLY” and your payment will be made instantly.


Gift card trading can be very easy when traded on the right platform. However, this article was dedicated to making your trading experience a seamless one by introducing you to the best online trading platform.

Simply download Prestmit from the GooglePlay Store or Apple App Store to begin. You can also register on the website.

Finally, you can watch the video below to learn how to sell gift card on PRESTMIT.