Gift cards for weddingsFrom the decorations to the dramatic entrance of the newest couple; weddings are magical. In most cultures, friends and families of the couple shower the newlyweds with gifts to show their support for them. According to the Bride, it is estimated that in the USA couples spend $100-$150 per guest, so it is expected that their gifts should cost the same amount. Okay, now that’s logical enough but this is where there might be a problem. No one wants to spend $100-$150 buying the wrong gift. So how do you eliminate this problem? Gift cards. This will help the newlyweds buy what they want for themselves. Read on to discover the best gift cards for wedding gifts.

What is a Gift Card?

They are also called gift certificates in the USA and gift vouchers in the UK. These magical cards are prepaid branded cards that are used for payments instead of cash. They are different from credit cards and debit cards as they can’t be used to withdraw money. 

There are two types of gift cards, Open-loop and Closed-loop gift cards. 

Open-Loop Gift Cards

They are gift cards that can be used to make payments in stores or on platforms that accept the brand’s cards. For example Visa. Visa is well known for making debit and credit cards and they also issue gift cards. Any store that accepts Visa cards will accept a Visa gift card. Other examples are Mastercard and Amex gift cards.

Closed-Loop Gift Cards

These types of gift cards are issued by a particular retailer and they can only be used for purchases in the retailer’s store or online platforms. For example Amazon gift cards. An Amazon gift card can only be used to purchase items from and nowhere else.

Why Wedding Gift Cards are More Effective

Most people will agree that getting the perfect gift can be brain tasking. A number of times people get wedding gifts that they never ever use. That’s a waste of money. To avoid this kind of situation, use a gift card instead and here are more reasons why:

  1. The couple gets what they want and this leaves a long-lasting memory in their subconscious. 
  2. At the end of the wedding, the couple has to carry themselves home. As we know weddings can really be stressful for them. So don’t add gifts to the things they need to stress about instead make their gift cards. Gift cards are very light and easy to carry. Sometimes you don’t even have to carry them if they are sent as an e-gift card.
  3. They are effective wedding gifts because through gift cards exchange platforms like the wedding couple can trade them for cash or crypto. So newlyweds can use gift cards to retrieve some of the money spent on their wedding.
  4. What’s more annoying than receiving the same type of gift twice or sometimes 4 times. Just imagine getting 4 blenders? With gift cards, the responsibility of buying the gifts is in the hands of the couple. They will most definitely not buy 4 blenders for themselves.

What are the Best Gift Cards for Wedding Gifts

Here are the best gift cards to give as wedding gifts and why:

1. Amazon is the number online retailer and they sell just about anything; except of course illegal items. So therefore an Amazon gift card will suit newlyweds as it will give them a lot of options to pick from.

2. Best Buy 

Best Buy is an electronic store, who needs new electrical appliances at home? Fresh couples. This is why this gift card fits the bill.

3. Visa 

They are open-loop gift cards so it gives the couple a wide range of stores they can shop from.

4. Mastercard 

Also, an open-loop gift card and widely accepted, so it gives the couple access to a whole lot of items to pick from.

5. AMEX 

AMEX, the full name American Express, is just like Visa and Mastercard. They issue payment cards for most Americans and most stores in America accept their cards too.

6. Target 

One of the largest departmental stores in the USA, Target is just like a physical Amazon because they sell almost everything. 

7. eBay 

The online store gives the couple options to choose from their large number of items.

The newlyweds can also reserve a gift card for future use because they do not expire. So when you go for a friend’s or family member’s wedding be sure to go bearing gift cards.