As the e-commerce industry grows, gift cards are becoming increasingly common in the nation. As smartphone usage has increased and consumers have switched to online shopping, gift cards have become more popular among Nigerians.

Consumers are accepting these alternative payment options in place of cash. Due to the availability of international mobile payment brands like Visa and MasterCard, people may use these gift cards more readily now. Therefore, it is preferable to sell gift cards in Nigeria than waste them.

Is It Legal To Sell Gift Cards In Nigeria?

Selling gift cards is equivalent to converting the card into a predetermined amount of cash that can buy things other than those purchased with the card. It is legal because the purchaser will still use the gift card. If the purchaser tries to duplicate or counterfeit the gift card without the gifting firms’ consent, it will be deemed unlawful.

Due to a lack of transparency, there are a lot of ripoff artists online that can con you by getting your credit card information but not paying you. Because of this, many customers are wary about gift card exchanges in Nigeria. But if you pick a reputable online trading platform with consideration, your chances of getting scammed fall down.

Best Gift Cards To Sell Gift Cards In Abuja, Nigeria

1. Steam Gift Card

The best-selling gift card in Nigeria continues to be the Steam gift card, making it simple to offer. Because gift cards have such a high conversion value and are so simple to convert, nearly all gift card dealers in Nigeria and throughout the world like trading the cards. Many people also prefer to receive gift cards.

Steam cards can purchase software, hardware, games, and other gaming-related goods. So if you enjoy playing video games, you should consider getting a Steam Gift Card.

2. iTunes Gift Card

An iTunes gift card is a pre-paid credit for Apple’s iTunes store. You can purchase music, movies, apps, and other material through Apple’s media and the iTunes store software marketplace.

It differs from the Apple Store, where you can buy tangible goods like iPhones and MacBooks with Apple Store gift cards. When you exchange an Itunes gift card for cash, you can get up to 83% of the card’s face value, depending on the asset’s condition.

3. Google Play Gift Card

Get the best of the digital world with a Google Play gift card. On the Google Play store, you may use the gift card to buy various products, including applications, games, music, movies, and TV series.

You can receive it via email in digital format or physical form. With a Google Play Gift Card, you can earn 85% of your money back. Checking the rates always is a good idea because they are subject to change.

4. eBay Gift Card

To shop for millions of goods in fashion, electronics, art, motors, toys, and everything in between, you can use an eBay gift card. When you use PayPal to make your purchase, you can also use eBay gift cards. Additionally, you can use eBay gift cards to pay all or a portion of the price of any item bought on the website.

As drop shippers and wholesale purchasers frequently use e-commerce gift cards, they are in high demand, making them some of the most costly gift cards in Nigeria. On an eBay gift card, you may be eligible for a cashback of up to 85%.

5. Amazon Gift Card

You can use Amazon gift cards to buy products on the Amazon website and digital music, Amazon video, and other content.

Additionally, the value of an Amazon gift card varies according to the card’s kind, if it includes a receipt, and the season (there are more amazon purchases towards the end of the year, so the rate is generally higher around this time).

You can receive up to 92% of the face value when exchanging an Amazon gift card.

Where To Sell Gift Card In Abuja, Nigeria

The instant you decide to sell your gift card, you’ll need to learn how to easily and quickly turn it into cash. The fastest way to turn a gift card into cash is to sell it on Prestmit. It’s unlikely that you’ll get the entire value of your card because the exchange amount depends on the popularity of the gift card and the quantity of inventory on hand.

On social media, people are always looking to buy unwanted gift cards, but it’s vital to pick the finest site to sell gift cards in Nigeria to prevent getting ripped off. As a result, you can trustfully and safely exchange your gift cards for cash on Prestmit.

How To Sell Gift Card On Prestmit

You can sell gift cards on Prestmit through the following steps:

1. Create a Prestmit account and log in.

2. Select “Begin Trade” to get started.

3. Click “Sell Gift Cards” and fill in the trade details.

4. Select “Category” to specify the gift card you want to sell.

5. Indicate “Gift Card Type”. Here, you will specify the type of card you want to sell. It could either be a physical gift card or Ecode.

6. Enter the “Amount”. You will enter the amount of the gift card you want to sell or the total equivalent price concerning the number of gift card(s) you are to sell.

7. Upload the gift card image if you sell the physical gift card type.

8. Payout Method: you have to specify the currency type you want Prestmit to pay you. It can be in Naira or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Tether (USDT).


Selling gift cards is fast becoming one of the lucrative ways to make money in Abuja, Nigeria. Still, trading with a reliable and credible gift card-trading platform like Prestmit is more critical. At Prestmit, you get the best rates for your gift card.

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