The use of gift cards is no longer a new thing in the financial sector, as the wave has succeeded in driving out the use of cash in transactions. 

Before the launch of gift cards, most store transactions were solely done with cash payments, exposing people to certain dangers like robbery. However, with the introduction of gift cards into the financial space, transactions became more convenient and secure for people and the store. 

Aside from purchasing goods and services from brand stores, people can use gift cards as gift items during festive seasons and ceremonies. Since we can’t possibly know other people’s tastes at a particular time, it is best to get them a gift card 

Gift vouchers can be used to make online transactions from anywhere worldwide, including India.

India is a large country in Asia and the third-largest growing economy in the world today. 

As a large economy, many online and offline store transactions in India are carried out with gift cards. 

Indian stores use gift cards to create brand awareness and increase sales revenue when more gift cards are redeemed.

This article will discuss the top five most popular Indian gift cards.

Gift Cards Sample

What Is a Gift Card?

A gift card is a voucher preloaded with a certain amount of money which can be used to make online and offline transactions in a store.

A gift certificate can be compared to a bank credit/debit card, but the only difference is that gift cards are not linked to the user’s bank account.

However, gift vouchers can be of physical or virtual form. They are easily purchased in local retail stores and big supermarkets. The physical gift cards are plastic, and the code redeemed at the store is engraved behind the card.

Virtual gift vouchers are issued in the form of codes in a digital format via the user’s email address. The code is redeemed in the store to purchase goods and services.

Gift cards can also serve as gift items for birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies, retirement and many other purposes for which gifts are needed.

Most importantly, you can still resell gift certificates you do not need anymore. Depending on your choice, you can sell gift cards for cash or cryptocurrency.

Gift cards are issued in different monetary denominations to include everyone who may not afford high-value gift cards. They range from $5, $10, $25, $50, $100 etc.

Five Best Gift Cards In India

Some may wonder about the type of gift cards most popular in India. But does India have gift cards?

Of course, just like I mentioned earlier in the article, the use of gift vouchers is a universal practice, and as such, India has a lot of gift cards, but the purpose of this article will limit them to five.


amazon gift card


1. Amazon Gift Card:

Amazon store is the world’s largest retailer, focusing on selling goods and services, online advertising and digital streaming.

The Amazon store is deeply rooted all over the world, including India. 

With the Indian Amazon card, Indians can shop on the Amazon store online and get their deliveries while paying less.

Using an Amazon gift card to make transactions on the Amazon store gives users some discounts on items.

Google play gift card


2. GooglePlay Gift Card:

If you’re an android device user, you would understand the importance of the Google Play store on your device.

Every Android device user needs the Google Play store to access and download digital content to their device.

The GooglePlay gift card gives users access to buy these digital content. However, some of the content on the store is tailored to the user’s jurisdiction and country. Therefore, to access some content on the Google Play store in India, users will need an Indian Google Play  card. Credit can be used to purchase the content when they redeem the card in the store.


picture of steam gift card

3. Steam Gift Card:

You must have heard of Steam countless times, especially if you are a die-hard video gamer.

Steam is an online store for video games, in-game content and all other downloadable content.

This platform provides the best and latest gaming content in the world and has gained millions of users worldwide, including India.

Steam gift card India gives Indian users access to the Steam library to purchase video games and other software.

The card comes in different monetary denominations ranging from  INR 130 to INR 3,300.

itunes gift card

4. iTunes Gift Card:

iTunes gift card gives Apple device users access to the Apple store where they can stream, buy or download digital content like music. When the card is redeemed on the store, it gives users credit needed to access every content on the store.

iTunes card India gives Indians access to the Apple store, where they can access and enjoy the store content.

After purchasing the card, the code is scanned and sent to the user’s email. With the code, the Indian Apple store is their new home.


5. Uber Gift Card:

Uber is an online platform for connecting drivers with people who need driving or other delivery services. 

The Uber app connects people to an available driver around them when they request a ride on the app. 

With the Uber gift voucher in India, you can pay for your ride on the app in India. You can also gift your friends and families a gift card to ride with Uber.

Where To Buy Gift Cards In India

You must sweat any gift voucher in India if you need to buy it. All you need to do is to check the online brand store of the voucher you want to purchase.

However, you can buy any gift certificate from big online retail stores such as Amazon gift card stores.

You can also buy gift certificates in different supermarkets, restaurants, and local retail stores in India.


Gift cards are the best way to express love and gratitude, especially during festive seasons. They are also an excellent way to make discounted store purchases and save more money.

Almost everyone uses gift vouchers today due to their immense convenience. Businesses have also enjoyed maximum benefits by simply selling them or rewarding loyal customers with gift vouchers.