One of the best gifts you can have or give to someone is gift cards, and that is why you need to know how to buy gift cards on Jumia, which is one of the platforms on which you can buy gift cards in Nigeria and, extension, Africa.

As a gift card user, you may have been pondering to know how you can buy gift cards on Jumia, but look no further, as this article aims to give you a better understanding.

What Is A Gift Card?

A gift card is a digital asset that is preloaded with a certain amount of money, which serves as an alternative to other payment methods like cash, debit, and credit cards at a particular brand that issues the gift card.

How to buy gift cards on Jumia

For instance, you can use your Sephora gift card to buy products at the Sephora store, which depends on the value of your Sephora gift card. So, your Sephora takes the stead of using cash, credit, or debit cards as payment methods for your purchases.

Why Should I Buy Gift Cards On Jumia?

1. Gift Cards Are A Convenient Way Of Shopping

When you have gift cards, you can be assured of assuming some level of convenience when you are planning to shop with the gift card. You may not necessarily go to physical stores that accept gift cards (as a method of payment) with your gift card, unlike cash, debit, or credit cards. This is because you can have your card PIN saved on your mobile phone, which gives your shopping some ease by giving the card details to the cashier.

In another case, you can simply copy and paste your card details on the online stores that accept your gift card when you want to shop online. Also, you can use gift cards like AMEX gift cards and Visa cards at any store that accepts gift cards as payment methods.

2. You Can Resell Gift Cards For Cash

Gift cards come with the flexibility to serve your varying intended purposes. One such is selling your gift cards for cash. This harps the fact that selling gift cards is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online today. It is noteworthy to allude to the common knowledge that the gift market is a booming one, with gift card buyers increasing in direct proportion to gift card sellers.

While you can buy gift cards to access products and content on various platforms where gift cards are applicable, you can buy or have a gift card and sell it, especially if it is the gift card that does not meet your preference. You may receive gift cards as gifts, but you do not need to redeem them.

For instance, ladies have Sephora gift cards more than men because it enables them to access different fashion and beauty products in the Sephora store. So if a man has a Sephora gift card, he may have to sell the gift card for cash because he may not need a Sephora gift card but he can sell Sephora gift cards to make money for himself.

3. Great Gift For Friends And Family

Gift cards are a way to express love and gratitude when you give them as gifts to friends and family. This, in a way, is tended to meet their satisfaction, and which is gift cards can be customised to make your friends and family special. My younger brother is a gaming enthusiast, therefore, I always give him a $50 Steam gift card on his birthday to make him have an ecstatic gaming experience on his special day.

4. Alternative Method For Online Payment

Online transactions used to be seamless in Nigeria in time past, as you can use your credit or debit cards to make purchases at online stores. But there is a complete change in the narrative of trade as you can no longer use your naira credit or debit cards on some of these online stores.

However, you can use gift cards to meet your demands and get a supply from these online stores. For instance, you can use your Amazon gift card to access various content available on Amazon, likewise using your iTunes gift card to get downloads and other content on the Apple store without glitches.

As simple as this, you can buy gift cards on Jumia to enable you to make purchases without further restrictions.

How To Buy Gift Cards On Jumia

Jumia is an online marketplace for different products like gift cards, groceries, electronics, fashion, and whatnot, with a logistics service and payment service in selected markets. Jumia is considered a pioneer in the online marketplace in Africa and remains the biggest online marketplace in the continent.

One of the products you can buy on Jumia is gift cards. In fact, in an earlier article, I mentioned Jumia as one of the best places to buy gift cards in Nigeria, as they are available in different types and denominations on the platform. JumiaPay is the subsidiary payment portal on Jumia that enables you to buy gift cards from popular brands like Spotify, Hulu, Google Play, iTunes, GameStop, Tinder, Amazon, Netflix, etc.

The following are the steps on how to buy gift cards on Jumia:

  • Create a JumiaPay account or log in with your email address and password
  • Select “Vouchers” from the list of services
  • Click on your preferred platform whose gift card you want to buy
  • Select the voucher amount you want to buy
  • Complete the payment with your bank account or your credit or debit card on JumiaPay
  • While you can only redeem some gift cards in their specific country of currency. Check the gift card country on the gift card title to confirm the region before proceeding to buy the gift card.

How to buy gift cards on Jumia


Gift cards are key to opening doors to several opportunities in this digital world. You can access different products and content with this digital asset and you can also sell them for cash to make life more comfortable for yourself.

However, it is important to know that buying gift cards on Jumia is easy but you must do your due diligence in ensuring you buy a gift card that its country of currency supports your use here in Nigeria.

Alternatively, you can also buy your gift cards on Prestmit, as we have a wide range of gift cards for trade on our platform at the best prices.