Google Play Gift Card is one of the most popular gift cards on the planet. In fact, almost every android user uses the Google Play Gift Card to gain access to the Google Play Store from where different digital contents can be bought and downloaded. These contents could be movies, music, apps, e-books and even magazine. When one purchases any of the contents from the Google Play Store, it is stored in the media library and can be accessed anytime, forever. However, for most people who desire to take part in the benefits of using Google Play Gift Cards offer, they do not know where or how to buy the Google Play Gift Card. This article has promoted the information you need on how to purchase Google Play Gift Cards online. 

How To Buy Google Play Gift Card Online 

1. Navigate to this page on your web browser to purchase a gift card online

 Even though a Google Play gift card cannot be purchased directly from Google, most sites have online purchasing options through other retailers. Target, in the United States, is an example.

2. Tap the BUY ONLINE button,  near the top of the page

This will take you to a page with a list of online retailers who sell Google Play gift cards.

3. Choose a trusted retailer

The catalogue of retailers may differ depending on the country. Click the logo of a reputable company like Amazon to access their online gift card ordering form.

4. Specify the value of the gift card

This option differs according to the location and retailer. Select the amount of money you want to gift the person to spend on the Play Store. Some retailers may allow you to enter a unique value or choose one from a drop-down menu.

5. Choose a delivery method

It’s always better you choose E-mail to have the gift card delivered via email, or enter a mailing address to have it delivered via mail if you wish.

6. Enter the information for the recipient

Enter the person’s email or mailing address if there’s an option for that.  If not, you’ll most likely have to click on Add to Cart button to add it to your shopping cart, then open the cart to check out.

Follow the instructions on the screen to complete your transaction and the Google Play gift card will be emailed or mailed to the recipient.

How To Check Google Play Gift Card Balance

You can check your Google Play Gift Card balance in a short while by using the simple procedures below;

  1. Access the Google Play Store app.
  2. Go to the top right-hand corner of the app and select “PROFILE ICON.”
  3. Then, on the next page, click “PAYMENTS AND SUBSCRIPTION
  4. Select “PAYMENT METHODS“.
  5. You will see “GOOGLE PLAY BALANCE“; click on it to view your balance.

Rates Of Google Play Gift Card In Nigeria

The rates of Google Play Gift Card is not fixed, that is, it varies with time and also the platform on which you are redeeming your Google Play Gift Card. We offer the best rates for all brands of gift cards. You can check out our Automated Rates Calculator to find out the rate of your Google Play Gift Card.