Digital assets are becoming popular in our world today as they are genuinely representing this digital era when many activities can be achieved through the online space. Cryptocurrency and gift cards are the two common digital assets we can trade for each other or cash. Therefore, you may need to know how to convert an iTunes gift card to Bitcoin.

Over the years, traditional finance has taken over the market by converting physical assets like gold and silver into cash or in exchange for other precious metals. But the narrative has changed today as digital assets have been challenging the status quo of the traditional global market, owing to the real-time value of cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin trading at a price higher than gold.

At the time of writing this article, the price of BTC is over $30,000, hence having a bullish run with increasing market sentiment. Therefore, crypto enthusiasts may want to lock into the great value of Bitcoin by trading or investing in the coin. But while you can use cash to buy Bitcoin, you can also convert your gift card to Bitcoin – one of which is the iTunes gift card.

What Are iTunes Gift Cards?

How to convert iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin

An iTunes gift card is a prepaid card of stored value that you can use to make payments for digital content on the Apple store. As such, users of Apple devices rely exclusively on Apple for the various digital content like music, apps, e-books, and movies they enjoy on their Apple devices. Therefore, the iTunes gift card is the specialised payment card to buy this content, including iTunes music. So while you can not use your Nigerian ATM cards to make Apple music subscriptions, you can use your iTunes card to achieve that.

 iTunes gift card exists in both the physical card and E-codes, with denominations ranging from $10 to $500. These cards have real-time value as iTunes gift card has one of the best rates.  The iTunes gift card is very different from the Apple Store gift card; while you can buy anything (both software and hardware) from the iTunes and Apple Store with your Apple gift card, you can only use your iTunes gift card to purchase digital content or software.

Furthermore, iTunes gift cards are helpful for various reasons, and they include:

  • Shop conveniently on the Apple Store
  • Give as a gift to loved ones
  • Sell iTunes gift cards for fiat currency (naira or cedi) or cryptocurrency (BTC, USDT, DOGE, ETH,  or LTC)

This means it is of your volition to use your iTunes card as you choose.

However, it should be noted that one of the best ways to make money online is by trading digital assets like Bitcoin and gift cards. Hence the need to know the possibilities of earning more funds when you sell any of these assets.  To this end, the real-time value of digital assets like iTunes gift cards and Bitcoin position them as an excellent trading strategy to maximise returns.

Why Convert iTunes Gift Card To Bitcoin?

You may wonder why people consider converting their iTunes gift card to Bitcoin. The answer to this question depends on the motive of the user, but the two main reasons for this could be;

1. Not all Bitcoin investors own Apple devices

iTunes gift cards are mainly used on the iTunes and Apple store by Apple users. Therefore, when a Bitcoin trader or investor can’t use the iTunes card at its store, there is more possibility that the trader or investor will find a way to convert the iTunes gift card to Bitcoin.

2. Bitcoin seems to be a better store of value

Many people convert their iTunes gift card to Bitcoin because of the BTC price, which has a steep increase in gift cards. So, when they convert the iTunes gift card to Bitcoin, they have a high chance of making profits from the volatility of Bitcoin. For instance, Bitcoin that currently trades at over $30,000 may increase above that mark before the end of the day, thereby spelling fortune for investors that decide to sell their BTC.

How To Convert iTunes Gift Card To Bitcoin – Prestmit

How to convert iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin

Unless you have never used a smartphone before, it is straightforward to convert the iTunes gift card to Bitcoin. This process has been simplified and enabled on our platform. Therefore, you can convert your iTunes gift card on Prestmit at the best rate, and your Bitcoin will be sent to your Prestmit Bitcoin wallet in a few minutes.

The following are the simple steps to convert your iTunes card to Bitcoin on Prestmit:

  • Download the Prestmit app on Google Play Store or Apple Store
  • Create an account and log in
  • Click the  “START TRADE” icon
  • Click “SELL GIFT CARDS” on the page. Then navigate down the page to fill in the trade details
  • Select “CATEGORY”: Here, select the category of the gift card,d which is the iTunes gift card
  • Select “GIFT CARD”: Specify whether your iTunes gift card is a physical card or E-code
  • Select “AMOUNT”: Enter the total amount of gift cards you want to sell.
  • Upload File: Upload the pictures of your gift card, leave this field empty If you have it in E-code format, and enter the E-codes in the comment section
  • Select PAYOUT METHOD: Since you want to convert your iTunes gift card to BITCOIN, you will be prompted to enter your Bitcoin address, which will be used to send your payment once the trade is completed

Once you enter your address, the Bitcoin value of your iTunes gift card will be displayed on the screen. This is calculated using the automated rate calculator on our platform according to the current rates and,d of course, the best rates. 

  • Finally, click ” APPLY” to pay in a few minutes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What App Can I Buy Bitcoin With iTunes Gift Card?

There are different apps for buying Bitcoin with iTunes gift cards, but Prestmit is the best app to convert gift cards to Bitcoin. This is owed to our astounding achievement as one of the best gift trading platforms in Nigeria and Ghana, and by extension, Africa. Therefore, you can download the Prestmit app on your mobile devices and sell your iTunes gift cards for Bitcoin.

What Cards Can Buy Bitcoin?

It is noteworthy that you can use your prepaid cards to buy Bitcoin. This includes gift cards and other payment cards like Visa cards and MasterCard. Some popular gift cards you can use to buy Bitcoin are iTunes gift cards, Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Steam gift cards, American Express (AMEX) gift cards, etc.

The functionality of these cards harps their real-time value, which you can exchange for fiat currencies or cryptocurrencies.


Cryptocurrency and gift cards are digital assets that are the best alternative to cash. This is due to their potential for an increase in value, unlike the money you hold. This is why selling your iTunes gift card for Bitcoin is the best alternative to receiving cash. The volatility feature of these assets makes them more lucrative.

However, it is essential to know where and how to convert your iTunes card to BTC to maximise profit. Therefore, Prestmit is the most reliable and credible platform to sell gift cards for cryptocurrency.